Use aqua yoga for connection and healing

The Aqua Yoga for your Chakras workshop was about making yoga philosophy accessible and relevant to your aqua yoga practice.

Focusing on your chakras as you practice allows you to manage your energy and customize your practice to your larger goals and needs beyond just having a good time in the pool.

If you need help with stress, anxiety, or depression, for example, connecting with your Chakras helps you get to the root cause and use aqua yoga as a healing tool.

All the materials are available to download immediately so you can get started right away.

What you get

All the materials are practical and applicable for your life

  • The guided meditation for your chakras is an audio download you can use in or out of the pool to relax.

  • The sequence download is 21 poses with directions you can get laminated to make it waterproof. Use it for working with aqua yoga poses

  • The workshop download covers an introduction to the chakras, includes the meditation and live directions for all the poses in the sequence plus more tips for how to apply this material.

Chakras aren't weird and esoteric

Use your energy wisely

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Chakra focused guided meditation

    • Chakra guided meditation

  • 02

    Aqua Yoga for your Chakras sequence

    • Aqua Yoga for you Chakras sequence

  • 03

    Aqua Yoga for your Chakras workshop

    • Aqua Yoga for your Chakras Workshop Slides

    • Chakra Workshop Live