Summer is coming

Do your post-COVID summer goals include relaxing and hanging out at the pool?
You can add a little bit of mindfulness to those goals too with this pool meditation mini-course.

Who the Pool Meditation Course is for

Is for anyone who wants to have fun outdoors

Research tells us mindfulness and meditation activities outdoors are more effective than indoors. Especially after so long inside because of COVID, try destressing outdoors with this easy course.

Who the Pool Meditation Course is for

Anyone who wants a new way to relax

If you're tired and stressed, all you need is access to a pool, a float tank, the ocean, or your bathtub to feel better with these meditation tools.

What's Included

  • 01

    Pool Meditation Workbook

    • 22-page Pool Meditation Workbook

  • 02

    Three 10-minute Audio Meditations

    • Elements Meditation

    • Grace Meditation

    • Tropical Beach Meditation

  • 03

    6-minute Moving Meditation Video

    • Moving Meditation Video

  • 04

    25-minute Restorative Aqua Yoga Video

    • Restorative Aqua Yoga

  • 05

    Moving Forward with Floating Meditation

    • Learn Aqua Yoga

    • DIY Aqua Yoga Resources

    • Connect on Social Media

    • What if I can't make it to the pool?

    • Om Shanti Shanti Om

What others say about floating meditation

“I love using the noodles. I feel more secure with two. The relaxation is divine. I feel like I'm floating in the clouds. I love the videos you do! ”

Author's role


“My favorite was savasana with 3 noodles. I'm not a floater, so having all 3 gave me the feeling of security.
I also tried with 2 dear friends and they were totally relaxed and in true peace. ”



I'm Christa Fairbrother and I'm an aquatic therapist who specializes in aqua yoga coaching and training. Being passionate about aquatic exercise and the traditions of yoga, I've seen a need for bringing the perspectives of yoga into other activities in the pool. I created this course is for anyone who loves spending time in the pool, and is interested in making that time more mindful.

Christa Fairbrother

Aquatic Therapist


  • Do I need to own a pool?

    No. You need access to a pool - a friend's pool, a community pool, on vacation, any pool. The ocean also works if you're somewhere warm enough. When you don't have access to a pool, you can use the guided meditations anywhere.

  • What tech do I need for this course?

    You need a computer or phone to access the content. To print the workbook, you need access to a printer.

  • I don't want my tech to get wet, what can I do?

    You can put these materials on your phone and keep your phone in a waterproof case.
    You can use a waterproof speaker or swimming headset to play your meditation audios.

  • How long do I have access to the material?

    You have access to all the materials immediately and all of them are downloadable for you to use forever.
    You have access to the course platform for two years.

  • What's your refund policy?

    Because you have access to the full suite of course materials immediately, I don't offer refunds. Please purchase mindfully.