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Aqua yoga is an amazingly accessible yet challenging way to practice yoga and it reduces pain and stress, improves your balance, and is super fun.

  • Have you been aqua yoga curious but are unsure where to start? This inexpensive tutorial gets you practicing in your pool.

  • Are you tired of swimming 6 strokes in your pool and then having to turn around, so you're cleaning your pool all the time and never using it?

  • Sun salutations are a common yoga practice and you may have done them in a land class. This tutorial walks you through one version of sun salutations with general directions and more specific tips for each posture in the sequence.

  • This can be combined with other aquatic activities like aerobics or swimming and requires no equipment.

  • Take your yoga practice into the pool with this eleven minute downloadable practice video and printed directions to laminate for poolside use.

Comments from students

“Words to live by: An hour doing water yoga with Christa makes for a good day. I very enthusiastically recommend this online course. Christa’s instructions are careful and thorough. Christa’s background and expertise cannot be over-emphasized. Through experience and training she has developed methods of safely leading individuals with physical limitations as they explore exercise effectively. ”

Aqua Yoga Student


What's Included

  • 01

    Instructions for using this tutorial

    • How to Use this Sun Salutations Tutorial

  • 02

    Sun Salutations Tutorial

    • Sun Salutations Video

    • Sun Salutation Printable to Laminate

  • 03

    More Ways to Practice Aqua Yoga

    • More resources for you

  • 04

    Your Aqua Yoga Needs

    • Your opinion matters


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